Stories of things made in Cambridge. Told by the people behind them.

An inspiring Cambridge story, in a wine bar, every month.

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#MadeInCambridge - The story behind Alexa

Join David Hardcastle to hear about how Alexa came to life!

Held in a wine bar, with drinks and food available to help you enjoy the evening!

After the talk, we'll also open up a room in Makespace (just across the road) for
those interested in getting a bit more hands-on and chatting to some Alexa people.

~ Series on pause until further notice because of COVID-19 ~

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Tickets are limited.

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#MadeInCambridge - The story behind Superwheat


#MadeInCambridge - The story behind Breath Biopsy

These nights are made possible thanks to Makespace and its amazing community of volunteers